it’s the histamines

“Let’s  take him to a diner… that’s a classic part of the Jersey experience.”

That was part of the conversation in the car when Lisa kidnapped me yesterday afternoon. So, off we went to the gorgeous one in the picture above. Plus it still  kinda keeps with the train theme on this trip, eh?

I  ordered the ‘duo club’ – a pastrami and corned beef. Along with us was a friend of hers, Scott, who wanted to quiz me about Lisa before she moved to this area from California. So, between bites I spilled the beans… to Lisa’s slight chagrin. I was honest but nice… which I think prevented me from being just another body found in the Meadowlands.

And back to the diner… is this place a classic or what?? Plus, it still serves truckers and as you can see from the only picture stuck up on the menu board… vouched by a luminary of the screen.

We dropped Sscott off and Lisa gave me a drive tour of this end of New Jersey. Probably a part that one does not automatically think when the words “New Jersey” is uttered. It’s actually quite picturesque and impressive. Very green with  mix of old and new developments.

Then we stopped in a park… another that commemorates conflict and war. Sure, I understand and appreciate the historical significance… and the entire “remember to not repeat” ethos behind these places… but to my knowledge it has not stopped human conflict.

Perhaps I’m sounding harsh here… by all means, mark the spot as a memorial and a place of history… but am I the only one to find the irony in setting it up as a park and a place of beauty? What about setting up similar places that celebrate the triumph of human ingenuity and creativity… how many of those are out there?

And… yes, this place also  overlooks the location of the recent “bridgegate” scandal.

Anyway, the tour ended at a charming old railway station where we got to catch up some more over some yummy hot apple cider. (See? That railway thing pops up again.)  Then it was back to Lisa’s.

We’re off on an excursion… but you’ll have to wait for tomorrow’s post to find out what that entails. Oh, and with all the plants flowering around these parts… the histamines levels are high… which explains the fatigue we’ve all been feeling of late.





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