slow day to rest up

It’s a slow day when I take the time to look in the mirror and notice how shaggy by beard has become. If this keeps up I just might be able to join ZZ Top by the time this adventure concludes.

I also had two blog postings to finish if I didn’t want to fall behind. I got on that and both are now up. Also, I was still savoring the two days before so a smile was a constant on my mug for most of the day. On that score you have an opportunity to read Lime’s take on our meeting HERE. I’m just relieved she didn’t reveal where we hid the bodies… Lisa has been sworn to secrecy as well.

I did follow Xan to help her choose plants for her vege patch which she is putting in the backyard. She also got fixins for a little bbq we had that evening… and yes, it was yummy.

So, yeah… it’s a short post today. I may embark on some exploration later and then prep for the next leg ( it will be number 4… if you’re keeping count) of this adventure early tomorrow morning.




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