the curry cook-off!

In one corner there was Lime and in the other Moi. But I’m getting ahead of myself. First there was dead people to see.

Before this adventure Lime and I had exchanged ideas about what we should do when we meet. We both easily settled on the possibility of a picnic  at an old graveyard. We are both fans of them… and the older the better. It’s a good thing Stroudsburg had three… and we went to all of them first thing in the morning.

All of this also  afforded a walking history of the town. Personally, I enjoy this sort of thing… knowing a little of what went before in the place I happen to be in helps provide perspective, ya know? I’m funny like that.

And because we were walking we were also taking in more of the town and it’s charm. (Yes, there’s that word again.)  At some point I mentioned that this place could stand in for Bedford Falls featured in “It’s A Wonderful Life”… Lime laughed out loud at this. At times I almost half expected Jimmy Stewart to come running down the street yelling, “Mary! Mary!”

After two graveyards we were all feeling a little peckish so we headed to Cafe Duet for a snack and coffee.

Then it was back out onto Main Street (yes, it is actually called that… and I love that fact) and the rolling history of the town continued as we headed to the cemetery at the other end of town.

With the many stories Lime was telling of the various spots along the way, I was delighted to be filled in with more local color. Apart from providing more of a “face” to the place (yes, I did that on purpose)… as in her blog, Lime spins a good and engaging yarn. A natural storyteller she is.

Our quota for checking out the demised was now filled for the day… and unless we wanted to drive elsewhere our close proximity to fields of the dead was now non-existent.

As we headed back to the cars both Lime and Lisa collectively decided that my cultural experience of the area and region would be less than complete without at least a walk into a WAWA. I complied… and now can confidently say my experience is that much more enhanced by their insistence.

The morning walk around town and to the various graveyards was now complete. The time came for the next phase of the day. First it was a trip for groceries then back to Lime’s abode for the next phase of the day.

There were originally some other plans bandied about but they were quashed due to the fluctuating weather. Also, Lime had intimated her wish to have me in her kitchen. No, not that way. She (like me) really appreciates fellowship through food. So, that is when the idea of a curry cook-off was introduced and happily decided upon. She would cook a Kenyan venison curry and I would cook one that was once served on my ass.

The home Lime shares with her family is situated in the hills outside of the town and is beautiful. It is surrounded by nature and one can instantly feel the nurturing warm spirit of her family life life there.

Once in her kitchen the prep began. We freely shared how our dishes were cooked. Now, two cooks in one kitchen could easily lead to mayhem… but this turned out to be a fun little happy dance of sorts.

I had brought a bottle of wine with me for Lime…  and we decided to crack it open right there and sip on it while cooking. It actually turned out to be a pretty tasty bottle and really complimented the food well. I even introduced Lisa and Lime to the concept of “bites” while we cooked. They seemed to take to it pretty well.

Also of note… Lime makes a pretty mean roti… seriously! Take it from a guy who knows his roti… hers rock!

Now we had to wait on the curries to simmer to perfection. I requested to see a beauty that Lime had featured in one of her HNT’s. That is how Lime and I (and many of our mutual blogger friends) first got acquainted… a weekly posting from each of us in something called Half Nekkid Thursday. BTW the curry served on my ass was part of that.

But back to the beauty… and she brought out even another. I am predicting my musician friends are now actively salivating with these wondrous sights. The answer is Yes… they are both Gibsons… and no, I’m not letting on to the address so that you can rip them off her. These are precious family heirlooms, yo!

Then the time had finally arrived to break bread. Given the option of the dining room or the kitchen… we opted kitchen.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… eating time is here… and boy we dug in. It was in a word… glorious!

Post face stuffing we chatted a bit more outside by the fire pit. This was a great visit. It was wonderful to finally meet Lime. Over the years, I think it is safe to say, we have become friends.

Finally… actually meeting face to face was the cherry on top. Cooking and being cooked for in her kitchen was a privilege. And to have been able to spend the day together the way we did… taking in and thoroughly enjoying each other’s presence was a gift. The food… and how the flavors blended and complimented each other was yet another reflection of this meet-up… delicious.

Thank You, Lime… for your generous hospitality and sharing your wonderful self with us. Perhaps, and I dearly hope we will share another experience down the line.

On the way back we headed back to Delaware Water Gap to get a few more pictures… but more so to get some pies for those at the homes that each Lisa and I were returning to.

This excursion was so much more than I had anticipated it to be. It was full… really, that is all I can say to describe it.

Thank You, Lisa for being a great friend and good sport for enabling and facilitating this grand time. You’re the best!




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