Now we wait for the white smoke…

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I stayed up to watch the funeral. I’m glad I did. Now we wait for the white smoke.

Yesterday I helped break off a fight between 2 students… girls at that… little girls. It began as they were walking upstairs. Then one of them got the other down on the steps and just started pounding away. S and I got to them and pulled them apart… but they were still going. I fell on my butt while holding one of them. We finally took them outside and I left them to go back to class.


  1. Fights……the only ones I used to be terrified of (of course also the only ones) were when I was about 12 or 13 when my best friend Abu Bakar decided to fight the leader of a gang. And of course I had to join in as when the two were fighting, the rest of the gang started on him. Days, weeks, months followed and we manage to avoid them until one day when we found ourselves in a Churchyard with them shouting and shaking fists at the gate. I was with my bicycle (a black one with yellow tape I wound around the frame,looked cool I thought, like a Malaysian snake). Abu threw a stone that splintered on the gate and hit one of em’. That broke the camels back and they rushed at us. Of course Abu ran off, but I stayed to fight because of my bicycle. I remember fists pummelling my face and I eventually ran off with a pear of a nose. I found the bike later, dumped in a monsoon drain. My nose is not what it used to be.

  2. My nose has never been the same since a lamp-post suddenly appeared in front of the moving car I was in.

    Have you heard from Abu Bakar?

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