The "village idiot award" and taxes

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The good folk of Story, Ind., have spoken. Read all about it here.

E-filed the Federal taxes today. Will send off the State tomorrow. The returns are spent anyway so…

Did a Costco run today and was struck by the “culture of buying.” Actually I’ve been thinking about this off and on for about a week. How we buy just for the sake of it. It doesn’t matter if the items are needed or not. We just buy.

Sure there are times we will mull… just to justify what we intend to buy. Then there are those other times we “flash buy.” How often have I found items still in their original wrapers.. from when they were bought over a year ago and thought to myself “Now, what did I buy that for?”

Thought of the Day:
We are all “winners” of the Village Idiot Award more times in our lives than we want to admit.

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