What is with the squirrels this week?

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Yesterday the dogs were arguing in their igloo. Back and forth, back and forth… and all this while I’m trying to catch a nap. I finally capitulate and pull my weary ass off the futon to investigate the reason for this war of the bitches.

The last time it happened was 2 weeks ago and they were fighting over exclusive rights to a dead squirrel. Surely it couldn’t be the same reason. I look in the igloo and… Lo and behold… it is! A big fatty at that. For several moments pride wells up in my heart. My babies have grown up to be rodent killers. Watch out all ye rodents who venture into my yard… Guido and his rodent killing posse will send you to your maker.

To end the arguement I take the limp body of the squirrel out and into the trash. Its still warm. The kill is fresh. I’m thinking that the last 2 weeks have not been good for squirrels. They have been dropping like flies in a room bombed with Raid. What could be the cause? Perhaps just a streak of bloddy bad luck.

So then I begin surfing and I find this site propogating death to squirrels. Then there is this poem to a dead squirrel , websites dedicated to the scary world of squirrels…. and if that wasn’t enough there are even sculptures of dead squirrels. Now I’m thinking that there actually may be a sinister plot against these furry rodents. Does the Homeland Security department know about this?

More later… maybe.