A couple of old features may return.

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I’ve been meaning to bring back Picture Daze for a while now. First it’s a great excuse to scan in those old slowly disintegrating photographs into digital format. Plus it also gives me an opportunity to record and share some stories. So, look out for that… probably tomorrow or Monday depending on when I can get the scanner to get working again. I’m thinking that perhaps this will occur at least every other week.

I was also reading last year’s “Untitled 5-3-1” project (you may remember it as the Mina story) and am considering doing another one some time over the Summer. That story developed over 11 parts and was fun to do… plus it turned out OK. (Actually, it wouldn’t be a bad movie.) If you missed it the first time out… HERE is the link to the first installment. I have yet to edit it but it’s not too bad as is.

That’s it for now. I’ve been working hard to make this a lazy day.

EDIT: Sunday, 10 AM
Slept in a little so I think I’ll get some lunch ready before anything else is planned.

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