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mlsf09It’s been a while since I’ve done an HNT. But I thought this was significant simply because I met a fellow blogger from across the continent in San Francisco on Sunday. And why (may you ask) is this significant as an HNT? Because it is through (the earlier days of) HNT that we came to know of each other.

Over the years of visiting each others blogs, commenting, and exchanging the odd email this is the first time that we met face to face. Mark (Leslie) and I had arranged to meet outside the Powell Street BART station in San Francisco on Sunday. He was attending a conference in the city and when I found out it gave me a great excuse to hop on the Amtrak to get away from the Big NO for a bit.

As we walked up Powell Street to the clanging of the cable-cars I pointed out “John’s Grill”  – a known (and famous) hangout of Dashiell Hammett… we quickly decided to share a meal there. (Seafood cannelloni BTW.) It seemed apropos since he is a novelist and me an (off and on) playwright. (Also, Mark was staying at a hotel on California Street… not too far away from where the character of Sam Spade’s office was in Hammett’s books… or at least the movie. Coincidence?)

That sealed the deal and the rest of the evening (after dinner – which was delicious) was spent engaged in great conversation as we hopped bars in the area. In fact, we closed down the last one we were at where we sat on the sidewalk sipping our beverages of choice as a great local jazz band was playing inside… while we engaged in a session of “local, transplant or tourist”.


It was very soon after we met that my suspicions were confirmed… Mark is as genuine and as nice (and even more so) as his blog persona is. The conversation flowed easily throughout the evening… as did the drinks. It wasn’t dominated by nerdy writer shop talk (the entire time) but spanned various topics including HNT.(Yeah, we talked about a lot of you.)

Meeting Mark was just the refreshing tonic the doctor had ordered. It was a privilege getting to know him better and my hope is that this is not the only time we meet. So, Thank You, Mark. (Yeah, he kinda looks a bit like James Taylor in that top picture, huh?) And yes, thank you Osbasso because without HNT I would have been denied this wonderful opportunity to meet and spend time (and several drinks) with this stellar and talented individual.

Cheers and Happy HNT!

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EDIT: 7:10 AMHERE is Mark’s post on our meeting.


  1. i’ve been thrilled to meet a number of other bloggers and i have yet to be disappointed by any of them. blog pal meetups are just so much fun. so glad you and mark had the chance to connect. i’ve got to thank hnt also since that’s how i became acquainted with each of you as well. 🙂

  2. Excellent! I was wondering if he was going to meet up with anyone on his trip!

    Glad I could do my minimal part to make it happen!

  3. oh blog meets are so fun!

    HHNT 🙂

  4. oh that is sooo cool. I am going on a trip late fall and meeting up with a couple of blog friends (female) so excited

  5. How cool – I went to post a link to your blog and noticed you beat me to posting about our cool evening. Thanks, again, Marcel – you were a fantastic host and it was a great time. Looking forward to meeting again some day.

  6. Very cool! That was an interesting read. It’s always nice to hear about a blogger through someone else.

    And I love San Fran. What a wonderful city. <3

    Happy HNT & have a lovely weekend!

  7. Thanks for showing me this site, Mark. What a great way to connect with other bloggers. You continue to rock, my friend. When will it stop?! (this is rhetorical….)

  8. that is awesome! I have always enjoyed his blogs!
    Happy HNT! And to making new friends! 🙂

  9. I admit, I read his blog first, mainly because you provided the link from your FB post. It sounds like you stopped in some great places. I’ll want to check some of those out the next time I’m in SF.

  10. Awesome!!! I love Mark’s blogs and I can only imagine the wonderful conversations you both had! Cheers!

  11. Hanging with the bloggers is the bestest ever I would think! Wonderful hnt, kudos to you!!


  12. glad the meet-up went well, and that you both enjoyed the experience!

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