yes, I’ve started vlogging… again

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I first tried my hand at it very many years ago… and stopped after four episodes. Though I was much busier then and was involved in many more activities than I am in now, it always felt as if I was scrambling for new material. I suppose it was the playwright in me that insisted every episode had to contain an arc, structure, and substance. Ya know… control issues.

So, why have I decided to take it up again? And yes… I’m calling it “Sometimes In A Sarong”… because I sometimes am. The easy answer is… because it’s there. However, to be a little more transparent I’ll list some of these flimsy reasons below in no particular order of priority.

  • I have been following several Youtube channels over the last few months. It continues to astound me all the different sub-cultures that exist out there. Everything from cooking demos to “reaction videos” to reviews of movie trailers. (Who would have thunk, eh?) Though some of my favorites are travel vloggers… and my current all-time favorites are the ladies of BEER FOR BREAKFAST. I especially enjoy their “can-do” attitude… so, check them out.
  • I’ve been in a funk for a while now. When one is in a funk even things that we love can feel like a grind. In my case, it was my bread and butter work. So, I thought I’d use the tools of my craft… for play. And “play” in this case would consist of vlogging. I’m hoping by “playing” via vlogging I’ll fall back in love with my craft. I’d better if I want to eat again.
  • I have a show coming up for this year’s Rogue Festival. I’m remounting my show “Lies My Father Told Me“. (Something else I did to pull me out of my funk.) Yeah, I’ve done it before… but I’m doing it a little different this time… it will be an “enhanced” storytelling show. As such, there will be a “team” involved in my show. I figured via vlogging I could provide a little “behind the scenes” footage… as it is happening. This in turn (hopefully) will garner interest in a potential audience to actually turn up to the show when it is mounted.

So, those are my reasons and I’ll stand by them. In the meantime… here is the latest episode of my vlog… with another dropping in a few days. If you’re into it… do subscribe to my youtube channel… like the video (and share)… feel free to comment. Cheers!


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