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Primarily a playwright who dabbles in all sorts of things. I have been blogging since March 2005. Below are the two earlier versions of this blog. Just click the thumbnails to get to them.


mnheadblog.jpg Da Blogs Da Thang version 2.0

dablogsver1.jpg Da Blogs Da Thang version 1.0




  1. Hi Marcel!

    Aileen finally sent me your blog link. Awesome!

    Keep in touch.


  2. Marcel.
    You are so cryptic. I was reading the 6 things meme (of course, i came by looking for nekkidness) and what is this about able-bodied folks? Are you differently-abled? Is that the right way to say it & is it ok to ask? I’ve never noticed anything out of the ordinary (besides extreme sexiness) in your HNTs…?

  3. Hi Marcel,

    Bumped into your v1.0 blog googling Tog Tan. Small world ‘cos I’m an old john too, albeit a few years years after you guys & I wasn’t a scout 🙂 …. darn! missed all the fun 🙁

    Anyway, my wife is trying to get back in touch with Tog … she used be a model back then. When I showed her Tog’s pic with the snake she had a hearty laugh & said it sure is him!!

    So if you’ll do us a favor, could you get Tog to get in touch with us … that is if you can’t give us his contact.


  4. I have locked my blog up due to some personal distress at ‘home’ and was going to make sure i included you (cause you do pop in here and there)…but alas, I can’t figure out what the email address is for you 🙁

    Musns – whoelse@marcelnunis.com … hope things even out at home.

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