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On this page is a listing of some of the plays I have written. Not all of them are listed yet (remind me to update my resume sometime)… and in time they will be. In time they will also be listed by genre, year of creation, etc… and will be linked to their own pages. Each and everyone under “written” have been produced.


* Terrorist Chef (working title)


  1. Tale End
  2. Lies My Father Told Me
  3. Junkology
  4. Junk Funk
  5. Pandermonium *
  6. Y2 Christmas *
  7. A Christmas Carol *
  8. The Holiday Show *
  9. The Dead Guy Show *
  10. Electric Ladylamp *
  11. James Bone: Licensed To Dig
  12. Two Answering Machines *
  13. Enough Said
  14. A Cinderella Story *
  15. Santa Claus: This Is Your Life
  16. The Tale Untold
  17. No Bones About It
  18. Another Christmas Carol
  19. Frosty IV
  20. The Crimson Cobra *
  21. Rudolf: The Day After *
  22. The Tin Soldier
  23. The Monkey and The Jaguar *
  24. Turn Up The Torment *
  25. A Nickel’s Worth Of Dimes
  26. A Ten Gallon Hat Only Holds Three *
  27. Cosmic Cowboy & The Yayas *
  28. Leonardo: The Early Years
  29. Seventh Inning Stretch
  30. Lunkheads On Parade *
  31. Jack: Beyond The Beanstalk *
  32. The Magic Box *
  33. Sly, The Fly and The Evil Guy *
  34. The Singing Tiger *
  35. The Mysterious Stranger *
  36. Anansi: Spider Mon *
  37. Stone Soup
  38. The Gift
  39. The Apple Orchard
  40. The Blue Marlin: Fandango In Fresno
  41. A Bundle Of Wishes *
  42. The Magic Pearl
  43. Wax Figures
  44. The Mousedeer
  45. Frogway


  1. “The Blue Marlin: Fandango in Fresno” ??? Just the titles of some of these make me want to read them!

  2. Very impressive resume. My g-d, you must write in your sleep. Please check out my show and let me know if you would like to interview me for the upcoming rogue Festival.


  3. Would like to purchase one of your plays. Please contact me

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