dear Mum & Dad… I’m glad you’re not alive now

Firstly, you would both be old and creaky… and now is not the time to be either. The world is in a bit of a spot with the current pandemic. Yes, it is a challenging time… but you two lived through the Japanese occupation of the Second World War so you probably know a little about challenging times.

Yet, you both came through that with grit and verve. I couldn’t even imagine the fear and panic you lived through. I’ve heard some of your stories… but not a lot of them… at least about the war years. Yes, I totally understand that it was something you would rather forget so I never really pushed for more. Sometimes, I wish I did.

Some day… perhaps this current situation will become something we would rather forget. I hope not… not for our sake and the sake of the future… or at least in hope for a better one… a future, that is.

Just like the momentous events you experienced, the world is collectively going through this together… but not together. Part of the reason being the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave… sometimes refereed to as “The Blamer-in-Chief” has alienated the rest of the world… this during a time when working together would benefit everyone. The world you and your generation rebuilt with hope and opportunity has sadly been perverted. For one, I suspect through the travails you endured it was life that you valued most. Sadly, in these current times, money (or at least the economy) trumps life. It is almost as if the chase for money blinded the world to the quality and value of life… collectively.

Yes, the world did advanced from 80 plus years ago… at least on the surface. Technologically there are things we can do today that would blow your minds. Yet, with all these advances, the human animal has regressed. It is as if all these advances barreled through without the needed maturity to handle it. I mean, there are huge segments of the population in one of the greatest post-war nations who reject science. Yeah… really. Though, conveniently they will go to the doctors or use communication technology… all science based… when it suits them… to rail against science.

To be honest, the western civilization you once looked up to has… how do I put this in a delicate way… has become a shambolic mess. The level of disregard of responsibility and doltish incompetence is really something to behold. At least, how the current pandemic has been handled… or more accurately… not been handled has been disastrous at best. Ironically, countries like Germany and Japan… your old enemies are handling this better than most.

There was a time when a leader who was caught in a lie would be a reason for concern and shock. In these times, it is a daily occurrence… blatantly and on multiple occasions. Yeah, sad… but that is our reality. Here is the real kicker… there is support for that. Propaganda has been monetized and there are whole swaths of people who are swallowing it up whole… and sadly, I personally know many of them. Political ideology has blocked out common sense. In your day it was the use of weapons that cost a lot of lives. That really hasn’t changed but a close contender these days is also hubris.

I will say though that most of the people are doing a great job. The heroes of today are not only those on the front line in the medical profession but also the food suppliers and the like. Despite the social-distancing that most adhere to… a lot of folk are finding creative ways to support and help each other out. So, even if all of us have been sent to our rooms… people are still reaching out and being kind to each other. That has been heartening to see. And if it is anything that continues to give me hope… it is that.

Yeah Mum and Dad… it is mind-boggling. Though the human animal is not quite done yet. Now we’ll have to see if we slowly slide into the muck of oblivion… or rise up to something better. Just thought I’d let you know where things stand at the moment.

Love You and Thank You for being my parents… and for imparting with me the gifts of independence, reason, honor, and wisdom… oh, and stories.

Love… marcel

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