first day of 2020

Well, here we are and there are still no Jetson cars… drones do exist but they don’t count. Robot maids like Rosie are still being developed… though not as fast as sex robots are. And unlike the pristine modernist world that the Jetsons lived in… ours has been in revolt.

Yet, despite that… I do believe that hope exists. Mainly because life does. But hope is not enough. It has to be paired with action and the younger generation has been rising to meet that need… kudos to them! Huge swaths of the rest are still sitting on their collective asses and moaning… as their rights are being eroded away. I’ve seen it before… and it is not pretty.

One can only hope that the metaphor of 2020 provides a clarity of vision to what is going on to many more and inspire the action needed to shift it. Because shifts are needed.

No, this is not one of those glowing hyper-romantic posts about how the new year or decade is going to be kick-ass amazing. Right now it remains a continuum of what was… which isn’t that great. But there is hope… because there is life… and hopefully soon… action.

On a personal note… welcome to my new blog! If need be you can still access postings from the previous 15 years at ye old blog which is also linked in the sidebar. I’m still working on the look and feel of this one… so, bear with me for a bit.

Why a new blog? The short answer is the old one with 15 years of postings and various technical upgrades was starting to get clunky. Also, a new “face” on the continuum might goose me to blog more than I have in the last few years. Because there is hope… because there is still life… but sometimes life does get in the way of blogging… so, bear with me on that as well.

So, until the next posting… Cheers to a good start to a new year!

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