surfin n stuff

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So, instead of lesson-planning… I’m surfin blogs. No matter… I’m doing research… yeah, thats what I’m doing!

Among my travels this morning I came across:

* Check out THIS SITE. It has all those products that make life a dream. I went to Monterey a few weeks ago and there is an entire store dedicated to these “AS SEEN ON TV” stuff.

* Also came across this article about sex in college from

* There is also a wonderful site that will analyze your personality from your PIG DRAWINGS. Go ahead… draw that pig and see how you do.

Went out to the DP last night just to unwind. Ran into SM there and we had a minor discussion on sound systems for the old Memorial. Later went over to the Starline… but they were barely open. Decided to go home and watch network TV.

That is something I’ve been doing that quite a bit lately. The mindless stuff can be fun. The programs of substance can be engaging. Its interesting to see the thrends that cycle through the life of network TV. Most of their seasons are coming to an end and we will soon see in which direction each network decides to meander down in Fall.

My mind is slowly coming out of vacation mode. Its been there since the end of the festival ended. Sort of a sensory overload that caused a short circuit to cogent thinking.

more later…