The Last Squirrel Post… maybe

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Scary Squirrel Man Posted by Hello


  1. oooooo! How adorable!

  2. I’ve seen this look on the dance floor! It usually comes with a cute butt wiggle though.

  3. Oh!…so THAT’S why this squirrel looks so familiar….
    But seriously, you might want to steer clear of the squirrels; it’s looking like they might be spying on you.

  4. Yeah, my legal representation has informed me that the League Against Squirrel Slander has tagged me. I’m quitting the squirrel posts stop now! … maybe.

  5. scarysquirrelman

    this is not amusing. except for the “adorable” post. that was okay. but i find it enexcusable that someone i know would satirize me in such a way. i know i would neve be so crass on

  6. yeah, right buddy.

  7. Could Scary Squirrel Man possibly have posted the Anonymous “Adorable” blog himself?
    Besides I made the required reference to your great tushy.

  8. I think you may be right about the self posted adorable part – especially after the shameless self plugging of dyerama…. I say post more….see what Squirrel Man does…

  9. errrr…, I exist, an independent entity with no relation to squirrel man.

  10. scarysquirrelman

    but you could have a relation to Squirrel man…if you play it right. it’s public that i have a great, wiggly tushy…i mean ‘great’ as in ‘cute’, not as in ‘large land mass’. as for those of you who would mock me i have just this to say: plplplplplplpl!!!

  11. Hi Cuz
    you have very some very odd mates!(‘cute’??? I think not! ‘Hirsuit’ more like!)
    I have a chum who looks just like your ‘scarey squirrel man’ only his thing aint rodents…(there’s a joke there somewhere…only you might find it offensive!)…its brightly coloured Hawaiaan stylee shirts, and hats. Hence he’s known as either ‘Steve the shirt’ or (you’ve guessed it!) ‘Steve the hat’. Fascinating, eh!
    BTW I left a message under April 14th….not sure if you check old postings??

  12. Hey Cuz,
    Grest to have you on the Blog!

    Hah! Scary Squirrel Man… you’re now getting punked by my relatives in the UK!

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