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  • I’ve been making more banners this weekend for Jungle Webs and they will be featured here as I create even more. GO HERE (please) if you want one for your own blog or site (pretty please) and help send business to help feed the starving playwright (pretty, pretty please). (If you know of other public sites that you can post them to… go ahead!)
  • I made the perfect onion omelet this morning. MMM… it is good… especially followed by a good cup of freshly brewed coffee.
  • Went out last night to catch an encore performance of “Bullet Point“. (Good show, Jag… a little more tweaking and direction and you’re ready to take it on the road.) This means I will have to get my butt in gear to crank up the Rogue Year Round component. Hmm… perhaps I’ll send out emails today.
  • I am currently sitting around in my sarong…. and fully intend to stay in it all day.
  • I received a CD yesterday from a friend (and personal archivist) of a recording from the original production of FROGWAY. Mp3ed them and sent them off to my friend (and composer) Mike. Listening to it proved to be an interesting time warp experience. The songs are really good… and considering that I was 21 at the time… I actually wrote some decent lyrics. If I have the balls… I may actually post selections here in the coming days.
  • I did this about a year ago and tried it again today. It is one of the few quizzes that I like. Really, I’m not that into knowing which Charlie’s Angels I am most like… at least not this week.
  • If I get a wild hair… there may be an edit to this post later.
  • Cheers!

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EDIT: Just finished an article on the TAO OF B.I.T.S. on the Jungle Webs blog.