buying to use… and don’t

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payingSo, you’re rummaging through piles to find that one thing you’re sure you have. Along the way you run across at least three things you forgot you had.

Fact is, those three items are still encased in their original packaging… along with the original sales slip… from (insert number here) years ago.

You think to yourself, “Oh yeah… I got that at (insert store/location here) when I wanted to (insert flimsy reason here.)”

You set the item/s aside telling yourself that you’ll get to it (insert time span here). You never do… and probably never will. Chances are you’ll run into these items again… along with a few others and tell yourself the same thing… in another three years time.

Now, don’t pretend this hasn’t happened to you.

A variation to the scenario above… includes the thought, “What the hell was I thinking when I got this?!

Anyway, the point being, we often buy on a whim. We think we really needed that “thing” but we don’t. Mostly we are spurred on by a hazy grand delusion that this “thing” will make everything better. We conjure up an unrealistic fantasy of the world bathed in mild sunshine and vibrant rainbows because this “thing” is in our life.

Well, it obviously didn’t… and it probably won’t. Mainly because it has been sitting in dusty obscurity all this time… and probably will for even more trips around the sun.

So, one morning you wake to the inspiration that you are going to “scale down”. The decision is arrived at that a huge yard sale is a win-win. You’d be getting rid of the unessential for a little monetary gain.

You diligently set about “gathering to dispose”.  Soon you have a grand pile collected.

YAY… down-sizing is fun… and slightly profitable!!

But then you come across those things… still in packages. You just can’t sell them at the big yard sale. At least not for less than what you paid for them. Then you remember why you bought them in the first place. Now the visions of mild sunshine and vibrant rainbows return.

Those things go into the growing “someday” pile. Life goes on and the cycle continues.