because I hate “gloat posting”…

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So, I rarely posted about my recent adventure on Facebook. Yes, there is a line between genuine “sharing” and “gloat posting”. I did, however, create a dedicated blog to chronicle the¬†journey for myself …which you can get to by clicking HERE. Or if you want to start at the beginning of it… click HERE and start with the bottom most post.

OK, now that’s out of the way…

This adventure came about at just the right time in my life. I was explaining to a friend that although I really did not have any complaints about how I was living… the last couple of years had become a pretty cloistered existence. As a result, I was also choosing not to feel. That began eroding away at my own creativity… and worse… even to some measure at my humanity.

It began to dawn upon me that I was using ‘comfort zone’ and ‘safe’ as an excuse to not live optimally. I started to recognize how insidius the creep was in turning ‘routine’ into a rut. No, not every moment needs to be spectacular… but even the quiet moments should be an optimum experience.

I actually had some trepidation a couple of nights before I embarked on my trip. It was halfway through the thought anxiety of leaving my ‘comfort zone’ that I caught myself.

“This is not living… this is imprisoning myself. This is exactly why I NEED to go on this adventure.”

So, I did… and am now glad for it. Sure, it was grand. It wasn’t just the places or journey but also (I would venture to say… more so) the people I came into contact with that made it so. In a way, I needed this sensory overload to help me connect the dots within myself – to reclaim that part of me that I might have left by the wayside somewhere along this journey of life.

Have I found it? I think I may have… but like any process one now has to figure out what to do with it. I rediscovered that I am adaptable, mostly uncomplaining, inquisitive, creative and kind. I can also be driven and uncompromising. I choose to look at all of these as qualities. (Some may not.) Most of these I might not have necessarily put on the shelf… but perhaps have only been utilizing just a percentage of.

So, what do I do with this personal illumination? Unlike the movies, any epiphany does not manifest in some explosive instant solution where “all is well again” to the swell of a glorious soundtrack.¬† In real life, coming into it is itself a process… one of change, adjustment… and choice.

All that being said… I’m glad of where I am, or at least of where I find myself… and the path that presents itself before me is clear… for now.