The Shit goes out… to the trailer!

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So, I finally picked up the gumption to get the office cleaned. Its been a mess for a while and I wanted the festival stuff out! Out of here and into the trailer. Got most of it done and now there is actual SPACE to move around! Took me 2 full hours…. and I was multi-tasking! Watering the veges outside while I dove into boxes of crap.

Of course I got obsessive about trying to hang the shadow puppets on the stucco wall – that was a bitch and a half! The nails just didn’t want to go in to the wall. That burned up 45 minutes of pure frustration. So, the place is still a bit of a mess…. something I’ll remedy tomorrow.

Been surfing to other blog spots… lots of Malaysians! Curious. The whole blog phenomenon is quite amazing actually.

Read one entry where this woman just went on about forgetting to wear a bra on a certain day. She was totally befuddled how she managed that. Quite funny.

Most are rants. Some are informative. Many are political. Good on them all! It almost seems as if there was this great constipation of expression until the net came along. Now there is all manner of expression out there! Some whacked. Some silly. Some crap. Some jems. Some just plain strange. But it is expression and its out there for everyone to read. Loads and loads of it.

Hmm… is there a downside to that?

Thought for the day:
The rancid smell of garbage is universal. Ah, yet one more thing that binds us all together.