The lack of motivation…

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The lack of motivation in class just befuddles me. They will sit there and pick their noses or stare into space with such conviction that one almost has to admire this strange celebration of the rut. Its as if all ambition has been burned out of them.

Ran into Martha today. She showed me pictures of her trip to Mexico and gave me a running commentry as I flipped through them. She seemed to have a good trip and her pictures reflected that.

Tomorrow there is a job fair over here. The streets are being blocked off and its a big “to do” for both the school and the agency. Too bad they couldn’t have just lent some support to the kids during the festival. In fact… here is the email I sent in regards to that.

I know you are also going through a lot on the personal front and didn’t really expect to see you at the performance. Only 3 other staff members attended … but their presence did help provide validation for the kids with what they were doing. I am happy to say that several of their peers from SOUL were also in attendance in the audience.

I am very proud of our students who performed with both professional attitude and savvy. Not only did they perform the show well… they fielded questions during the Q & A after the show with confidence… each taking turns with the answers.

They also provided a short “hands on” workshop for the audience on how to handle the puppets. The show dealt with the recent tsunami in Asia and many in the audience thought that the show was very couragous because it did not include a pat or happy ending. There have been enquiries about the company “taking their show on the road.” In the article in Friday’s Fresno Bee… you may have also noticed that their TOP 5 ACTS in the Rogue included the ALL TOO REAL PLAYERS… the ONLY local group to be included in that list. The rest were professional performers from San Francisco, Canada, Berkeley and London.

I think this was a huge missed opportunity for the school & agency to bask in the glowing success of these students… but life goes on. … m

More later…