And now they want to make it a 40th anniversary "Open House!"

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I was just informed of this a few minutes ago. This is yet another “make us look good” gambit on the part of the agency. Suffice to say everyone around here is in the dark about it… and its only 2 days away!

This is going to set in motion varying levels of chaos in an already chaotic arena. What does not allow them to put aside their hubris and just admit that they are wrong? Yes, I do realize that they are an agency that deals with social work… but the best social work they can do is to allow the school to be a school and give the kids the best education possible.

It almost feels that they would rather this component fizzle out instead of sucking it up and getting a principal.


Thought of the Day:
If you have your head stuck so far up your ass… does your body form the number 6, 9, the letter b, d, or are you just a comma?