Now the kids are NOT performing!

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I was told this today after work. They couldn’t find “space” for the performance. All this after the following exchange. (See… “Lack of motivation… ” post for part 1 of this exchange)

how might the agency/school have done more? I guess I was at a loss M,…and you are right, my “thought juices” are a lot “tapped” right now… I am really proud of the students, and perhaps we can re-present their act at the openhouse on April 7th…I would like that very much!! What do you think?… L

To answer your question.. “how might the agency/school have done more?” I think just by supporting the kids by attending the show. But that is a moot point now and lets move on to the bigger and brighter future. Yes, I think it would be great for the kids to present their show at Open House. I will chat to them about it.If any calls come in for “outside gigs” how do you feel about them doing those? There is a teacher at Tehipite that is very intersted… and she is dealing with a similar demographic to ours…. m

I would support that…L

Needless to say… this has put the final nail in the coffin… so to speak. I am now officially looking for a new gig.

Things have gotten to the point of the ridiculous. The “Open House” was supposed to highlight the kids… instead its just turned into just another “internal stroking” phenomenon.

Be it as it is. I will make it up to the kids with gigs outside of school.