April 1…

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The career fair at school today was quite the success. Kudos to Sam for making it happen. I know its been a long time dream of his.

Us, the teaching staff were somewhat uninformed of the plan for the day but that is just par for the course. At least we got out early and thats always a plus.

Was going to head home right after but detoured to Javawava instead. Needed to get caffinated before I hit the computer at home. We have a HARD CORE meeting later today that I had to prepare for. Its time to restructure the operational structure of the Rogue Festival and begin a 3 year and 10 year plan. Time for the organization to “grow up.”

Its going to be a funky transition. Lisa leaves on Thursday and Number 1 needs to move into my skin… so to speak. There is some reshuffeling to be done and I’m sure that this will piss some of the folk off. Oh well…

Thought for the Day:
If you ain’t doing it for money… its a hobby… or at least a grand obsession.