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Been on the surfing trail this morning and found some goodies.

First… since I posted the suicidal squirrel story, a friend sent me a site about this Supermodel Squirrel. Perhaps if our late rodent friend had met her earlier… things might have been different. Thanks to Zonthar for being on the squirrel search this week and bringing this site to our attention. Your work with this little known Homeland Security department is much appreciated.

Think your job is shitty… lucky you are not working as a “Groom Of The Stool.” Check out this site that lists the Worst Jobs In History. Enuff said.

If you come across a site or blog that you hate… get your frustrations out by invoking some form of disaster to it. Net Disaster features options that run the gamut from egging to nuking. Go nuts! Go postal! Watch it get what it deserves and laugh like a crazed scientist on steroids!

Celebrities caught in mid-blink… yeah, there is a blog to that too. Personally, Naked Celebs… passe… I’m waiting for the Nose Pickin Celeb site. Check out this pic of Donny Osmond looking like he is trying to do a Don Corleone .