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It seems as if I always have to start it… get it going… then they will jump on board… maybe.
To be honest… I’m getting a little tired of this. It’s not one project… this is the case in several things I have my hot little hands on at the moment. “Oh yeah… we support you… 100 percent behind it.” So, then I send out emails requesting assistance in certain aspects… crickets chirp. Discussions lead to decisions that affect these projects… yet I (who technically am spearheading these projects) am not informed of these decisions. Some aspects of these projects affect a few other folk… but… crickets chirp loud.

Yes, I am passionate about what I do. I also have very well thought out ideas and methods of achieving goals in the short and long term. I am very emphatic about expressing them too. However, I am also open to other ideas. Even if I am still not convinced that those ideas are as good as mine… I will capitulate to the majority. But, dammit… let me know what the final decision is. Lately, all I’ve been getting is the cricket chorus.

I very rarely voice my opinions unless I get all sides of the story (especially on the big stuff)… and even then it is iffy.

More often than not… this is not a luxury that has been afforded to me. Look, I am used to the slings and arrows of criticism in a lot of what I do. Heck, I imagine other toddlers when I was born had issues with my thumb sucking techniques. I take it as part and parcel of my lot in life. Sure, I do have views and opinions and I do express them… and more often than not only after weighing in what the other side has to offer. And in the immortal words of a certain very wise Mr. Gump… “That’s all I have to say about that.”

My other lot in life is facilitating opportunities for others.

These incidents have happened of late and made me smile wider than the man in the moon inside. It is really astounding to watch something creatively gel. And to watch the sparkle of greater possibility glinting in the eyes when it happens. It’s a quiet rush that has no equal. OK, perhaps as equally rewarding is being present for the entire process that eventually ignites that moment. This one balances off the first two.

OH, and if you live in the Toronto area…

The Fringe is coming up. I highly recommend you catching the shows of THIS & THIS performer friends of mine… and pass the word, won’t cha?

So much for now… perhaps more later.

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