go witness history…

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… because no matter what your political leanings… there is no denying the events of today is a significant stitch in the quilt of the continuing American story.

Cheers America and Happy Inauguration of your 44th President!



  1. Hey are you done with the bulk of the work? I started rehearsals, but I’m off tonight and Thursday, how about you? Give me a call when you can.
    About your post; you know I said almost the same thing yesterday afternoon. I am glad to be off tonight too so I can watch history play out.

  2. oops looks like i missed it live anyway…

  3. I won’t be able to watch it because of work… but it is a cool piece of history 🙂

  4. so true. i didn’t vote for him but i wouldn’t have missed the inauguration because of its historical impact.

  5. I watched and was awed. What a terrific speaker! His words were really moving and it’s in my hopes and prayers, that’s exactly what this country does~ get a move on.

    Oh, and Aretha… my God, but that woman can belt it out. I was so happy to see her! It was an unexpected pleasure 🙂

  6. I left work early to watch his speech. It made want to be an American. Awesome.

  7. Karim said: “It made me want to be an American”.
    I think *that’s* the change here.
    It’s again time for America to be a place/an ideal/a movement that people *want* to be a part of , not that people shake their head at in confusion.
    Let’s hope the next eight years bring us ever-closer to that ideal.

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