another passage

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Another year goes past. Along with it events and experiences that touched or changed our lives. It is the time of the year when most look back and forward almost simultaneously… assessing or at least contemplating what was and what is to come.

Many on social media are cursing the outgoing year… mainly because of the demise of many cultural icons. Though that is not the only reason. World and political events have also helped shape and give rise to this collective angst. The term “major shifts” applies easily to what occurred as the year bore on.

I don’t “blame” the year as so many are wont to do… but I do acknowledge that events did seem to unfold in more and more surreal ways than what is considered “normal”. It almost seems as if somewhere along the line we slipped into an alternate parallel universe.

On the personal front I have lost friends… but I’ve also gained new ones. On balance… that is not a bad thing. I came to accept the reality of my age a while back… that I’ve reached the point where my generation is not only burying our parents but surely and slowly burying each other.

Accepting that reality does not take the sting and ache of sadness out of the loss. However, it does sharpen my resolve to make my encounters with the people in my life count more. So, this year my perception and actions have shifted more in that direction… and that is a good thing.

What’s up ahead? Who knows? But I truly believe living as honestly as we can will help us cope with what is ahead. Here’s hoping for the best.