but first to order pizza

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I was going to title this post “carrying on forward?”… but did what the present title states before embarking on this writing quest. Yes, the pizza is on it’s way (in 45 minutes to an hour) and so my challenge is to complete this post before it arrives.  Such are the hazards of writing without a clue an inkling of topic as this might involve periods of pondering between spurts of actual writing.

So, a New Year is upon us… and (coincidentally) I am heading into the 58th year of existence… technically the shift occurred at 9:10 AM today.  (Yay, Me!) With this, I am also acutely aware that less days are ahead than behind me. No, I’m not being morbid… just stating a fact. Besides, I have been aware of my mortality since I was a wee child.

Within this ongoing journey I have experienced moments of excellence as well as those of strife… and many other various moments inbetween. I don’t say “every” because this life is still an ongoing one, yo!

Ah, the pizza has arrived… thus illustrating the long periods of pondering just to get three paragraphs into this post.

(Please play incidental music here while I pay for said pizza and gobble up at least three slices.)

:: BURP::

O.K… where were we? Never mind. It’s not like I had any design in mind for this post.

Actually, the only thing I wanted to say is that the learning continues… in this life.

Is that it?

Pretty much.

No pearls of wisdom here. Nothing significant. I’ll let you get on with your day then.

(BTW I would have abandoned this post (and posting) if not for the fact that the first three paragraphs took 45 minutes to ponder and write. Waste not want not, eh?)

The pizza was good though.