The Sixteenth Edition…

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… of the Rogue unfolds in a few weeks. Soon the Tower District will be abuzz with local and out of town performers flyering their shows and patrons hopping venues to catch what may be the next hot thing.

16 years and still going. And as I’m always reminded… most recently at the unveiling of this year’s muse, “Look what you started?”  And yes, I am pleased that it is still going. But I didn’t do it alone… it was a group effort to get it started… and continues to be a group effort to keep it going. My Thanks to those who have put in the time and effort to make sure it remains part of the local cultural landscape.

Also, after 15 years… this year the festival is now part of the CAFF and USAFF. I was chatting with the latest chairperson of the board of directors about her recent trip to Montreal for the annual CAFF meeting. She said that when she introduced herself and who she was representing there were murmurs of, “So, you’re the nice guys!” that rippled across the room.

Hearing that filled me with a warm pride. For years I’ve heard from touring performers that the Rogue has that reputation on the circuit. Not that I doubted what I heard but it was gratifying to know that hospitality is a strong element of the Rogue culture. We tried to infuse that into the mix when we first started the festival… and I for one am glad it stuck.

The Rogue does have a culture all of it’s own. Along with hospitality I am also proud that it continues to be a bastion of creativity, collaboration, and free expression. The latter is important at any time… and especially (and more so) in the present. These are all aspects that I personally hold dear and continue to champion.

Yes, those can be heady qualities but ultimately the Rogue is also (and really is) a bloody good time. So, if you live in and around the Fresno area and have never been to the Rogue yet… come on by… I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. If you have been a rabid “roguer” bring a friend or five to the festival… they’ll thank you for it.

And as a bonus… click the graphic above for a pdf version of this year’s program to read show descriptions and map out your upcoming Rogue experience.

Cheers and Rogue on!