new look for ye old blog

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It happens… not as often now as in the heyday of the blogging phenomena. The point being… I’m still maintaining one… a blog, that is. Many others have packed it in and moved on (exclusively) to social media.

Although many have left their sites up… others have completely deleted their one time presence on the net.

Do I miss the old days of blogging. I do. I also miss wearing speedos to swim in. I’m not the only one. Just yesterday a long time blogger friend was lamenting about this on… (you guessed it)… social media. But time moves on and changes occur, eh?

In my last post I wrote about a reset. I guess the change in the look of this site is part of that process.

And how is it going, Lecram? Slow and steady… and moving forward.

So, no… this is not going to be a long post… but there will be more in the weeks to come… maybe more than you want.

In the meantime, hope this finds you all well. Oh, and if you want to see what the blog looks like… other than just from a single post… click here. Cheers!