it has been coming for a while…

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This process has been ongoing for a few weeks now. Every now and then you just got to do it.

So, what brought this on?

A couple of months ago I woke to the realization of finding myself in the position where I was not responsible to anyone but myself. Not to a parent, spouse, kids or even a pet. It is both a strange and wondrous place to be.

How does it feel? I’m not sure… I’m still getting used to it.  However, it was this realization that inspired the current (ongoing) reset.

We go through many (resets) in life in order to deal with the changing circumstances that come our way. Some are major. Some are minor. But resets do occur… and some even when we are not looking. It’s necessary in order to deal with this nebulous gift called life.

If we don’t we get stagnant… and that’s hardly living, is it? How do we know one is needed? When mediocrity begins to creep into the mundane.

Yes, I kinda found that happening in my sphere of reality. I’m good at spotting that. Figured the time had arrived again to reset why and how I do life. To that end I’ve been embarking on some changes and adjustments.

No, I’m not renouncing the world and joining a monastery or anything like that. This is not like a change in operating system… more like tweaks to make the current one work more efficiently. Most are seemingly little things… but they are already making a world of difference.

Some of this may involve an adventure or two… but I’ll fill you in on those as they happen.

That’s where I am at the moment… for now.