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There have been several blogs by moi on several platforms since 2005. Most of them had been migrated to this present blog. In those migrations, some things have fallen by the wayside… like some comments that were posted via third-party plugins… along with some music also embedded via third-party plugins. But the core is still here.

By the beginning of 2020 this one will cease to be… current.

As part of a personal shift, I have been in a state of consolidation. Be it emotional, behavioral, physical, material… as well as digital. (Oh, won’t bore you with the details but it is all good.) As such, this particular blog will continue to exist… as an archive… over here at…  this is even reflected in the title of this blog da OLD blogs da thang.

Will there be a CURRENT Da Blogs Da Thang? In not so many words… Yep.

As of January 2020 will bring you to the new one. (It currently points to this one… in case you were wondering.) The other change is my user name will shift from “lecram” to “marcel”. (I know… right?!)

The last 15 years has been a fun ride. I used to blog every day… mainly as a means to choke-start the ole writing engine. Yeah, it is true… writers have to trick themselves into just starting to write daily. It is really no different than warming up before the daily walk.

“Writing is first and foremost a physical act!” That is my standard answer when people approach me about tips on writing. “If that is what you want to do… ya just have to do it!” And so, for the past 15 years… blogging was my warmup. Though… happily… it did evolve into more than just a warmup.

Will I go back to blogging everyday? I will probably not be as prolific as I was in the past… but I do hope to blog (and maybe even vlog) on a more regular basis. What I really want is to rediscover… the delight… not just in the act of creation… but also in the living of life again.

For those of you who have visited here… frequently or infrequently… please accept my many thanks for your presence. I hope to see you back when the new blog is up.

Cheers and have a wonderful holiday!


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